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North Coast Technical

North Coast Technical : Economical Fixed focal length lenses that feature locking focus and iris. Or, try our NEW series of Compact Lenses that also includes a Click-Stop Iris.

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Goyo : Goyo North America announces the launch of its new Focal Length Calculator. This web tool allows users to quickly and easily calculate the most effective lens focal length for their system, ensuring the aspect ratio of the sensor size equally pairs with the aspect ratio of the object being imaged. The Goyo Focal Length Calculator was tested using the strictest standards and is proven to be more accurate than any other platform on the market. Goyo Optical Inc. provides High Resolution Industrial Lenses for Machine Vision and CCTV/Security applications. Focusing on excellent quality at an attractive price, Goyo offers more industrial lens designs than any single Machine Vision lens manufacturer in the world.

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Fujinon : Quality yet economical lenses for CCTV and machine vision applications

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Tamron Visit Site

Tamron : Broad lineup of ultra high-performance lenses for Factory Automation & Machine Vision.

Schneider Optics Visit Site

Schneider Optics : Industrial grade lenses featuring high vibration stability and light construction. Extremely rugged lenses for military, aerospace, & space applications.

Zeiss Visit Site

Zeiss : High performance and wide angle Nikon F-mount lenses for high resolution cameras.

Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering : Telecentric lenses, 360┬░ optics, and specialty optical systems for both C-mount & F-mount applications.

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ISSI : Innovative Scientific Solutions Incorporated is an engineering research and development company providing who developed an innovative Ethernet controller for Canon lenses.

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Computar : For more than 40 years, Computar® has set the standard in optics for innovation and quality across industries including intelligent traffic systems, machine vision, defense, security and life sciences.

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Moritex : Taking advantage of cutting-edge optical design expertise, MORITEX's high-performance machine vision lenses ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision systems used in assembly and inspection processes on manufacturing lines.

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