Shape from Shading - 4 Quadrant Ring Lights

model number: Shape from Shading - 4 Quadrant Ring Lights

A Photometric Stereo tool is offered to produce an image that emphasizes surface irregularities—such as embossed or engraved features, scratches, or indentations. The image is produced from a series of images of the same scene taken with directional illumination as driven by a four quadrant controller. In these examples an LED Light Manager (LLM) from Smart Vision Lights was used.

For smaller parts we rely on a four quadrant ring light plus controller. The LLM controls the timing between each quadrant of the ring light and the camera. Design Assistant software from Matrox provides a stitching tool for transforming images taken from different vantage points into a unified scene, which would be impractical or impossible to achieve using a single camera.

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