Shape from Shading - Bar Lights

model number: Shape from Shading - Bar Lights

A Photometric Stereo tool is offered to produce an image that emphasizes surface irregularities—such as embossed or engraved features, scratches, or indentations. The image is produced from a series of images of the same scene taken with directional illumination as driven by a four quadrant controller. In these examples an LED Light Manager (LLM) from Smart Vision Lights was used.

For larger parts where a traditional ring light might not be big enough, try using one or two line lights per quadrant. The LLM controls the timing between each quadrant of bar lights and the camera. Design Assistant software from Matrox provides a stitching tool for transforming images taken from different vantage points into a unified scene, which would be impractical or impossible to achieve using a single camera.

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