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3D Stereo Imaging
3D Stereo Linescan

3D Stereo Linescan

model number: 3D Stereo Linescan

Stereo linescan technology can deliver 2D, 3D, and color in a single scan.  With its unique combination of line scan camera technology and fast 3D stereo calculation the 3DPIXA it is the perfect technology for inline 3D measurements. 

Because this technology is capable of high speeds extremely bright lighting is a must.  The Corona II is a perfect match with bright and dark field versions providing up to 3,500,000 lux.  Also offered is a tube light, a "cloudy day" illuminator for highly reflective parts, and a coaxial option for getting high light intensity into deep object grooves.

System builders and OEMs alike will appreciate the example Matrox MIL programming examples as well as their camera link frame grabbers and 

3D Laser Profiler Sensors
Dual-Camera Single-Laser Sensor

Dual-Camera Single-Laser Sensor

model number: Matrox AltiZ

3D Laser profiler sensors are designed to be fix mounted above a moving platform such as a conveyor.  The sensor is triggered by an encoder that ensures the acquisition is at speed.

Output data is represented as individual profiles, a depth map, or a point cloud.

There are multiple laser profiler designs. A traditional design includes one sensor and one laser.  To overcome occlusions a dual-camera single-laser design should be considered, such as the Matrox AltiZ.  These profile sensors output 3D data over a standard GigE Vision® interface and operates seamlessly with either Matrox Imaging, MIL or Design Assistant, or suitable third-party machine vision software.

3D Pattern Projection Sensors
3D Sensors for Static Targets

3D Sensors for Static Targets

model number: 3D Sensors for Static Targets

The advantage of using a pattern projection sensor is cycle time and simplicity. 

Much like an area scan camera captures an object in 2D, a pattern projection based 3D sensor acquires an entire height map or point cloud in a single capture.  It's faster compared to other 3D methods because it eliminates the time required to move a product or target.  It's also simpler since no coordination with movement, such as an encoder on a conveyor, is required.

It's important to make sure your pattern projection sensor, such as the PhoXi scanner, is designed with factory automation must haves such as an integrated GPU, lightweight construction for attaching to robots, and support by powerful image processing software such as Matrox MIL and Design Assistant software.

3D Sensors for Dynamic Targets

3D Sensors for Dynamic Targets

model number: 3D Sensors for Dynamic Targets

3D Pattern projection sensors can capture heightmaps or point clouds of moving objects combining the best attributes of all 3D sensor technologies.  This technology is especially interesting to systems integrators and OEMs already familiar with 2D area scan cameras.  Instead of processing 2D images you are able to process 3D height maps and point clouds.

Enter MotionCam-3D, a 3D camera able to capture objects moving as fast as 40 meters per second.  Ideal for inline 3D inspections without the need to coordinate with encoders and supported by powerful image processing software such as Matrox MIL and Design Assistant.