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MotionCam 3D Cameras
3D Camera for Objects in Motion

3D Camera for Objects in Motion

model number: MotionCam 3D

MotionCam-3D is the company's flagship product based on Photoneo's own patented technology called Parallel Structured Light, implemented by a custom CMOS imager. It's the perfect complement to their existing line of PhoXi 3D Scanners. MotionCam 3D cameras are ideal for moving objects.

The MotionCam-3D features the following:

Easy set-up, Up to 15 million 3D points per second, Up to 20 fps, Up to 40m/sec object speed, Working distance 350 - 2000 mm, Two operating modes: Motion Capture or High Resolution Static Capture

3D Scanners
3D Scanners for Stationary Objects

3D Scanners for Stationary Objects

model number: PhoXi 3D Scanners

3D scanners that are highly durable and robust body construction from Carbon fiber. Minimal thermal expansion ensures perfect and stable calibration.
Choose from 5 models depending on your scanning volume.

Photoneo Software
Complete Solution for Bin Picking

Complete Solution for Bin Picking

model number: Bin Picking Studio

Photoneo's Bin Picking Studio was designed for robot integrators to set up a complete bin picking application very easily and quickly. 

Using advanced 3D algorithms, it runs at high speed and with a high precision. It allows the user to scan an object or input a CAD model, select grip points and alternative grip points. The container is scanned and objects are picked one by one.

Photoneo's Bin picking solution works with our family of industrial grade PhoXi 3D scanners.

Software for Creating 3D Models

Software for Creating 3D Models

model number: 3D Model Creator

Automated 3D model creation using one or two PhoXi scanners. 

Locate Objects Quickly & Easily

Locate Objects Quickly & Easily

model number: Locator

Navigate your robot to help you with simple handling of non-overlapping parts placed randomly. 
Recognition based on CAD models 
Localization of position and rotation 
Color independent 
Easy integration 
Quick and easy installation 
Cost-effective solution 
Robot - camera calibration included 
Intergrated with superior 3D vision