Corona II LED Line Scan Light

model number: Corona II LED Line Scan Light

The CORONA II LED line scan camera illumination features exceptionally high illumination strength and outstanding homogeneity of its light distribution. Illumination values of up to 2,500,000 lux can be reached. The use of just one single LED selection class means there are no measurable deviations in terms of color within the illumination line. The CORONA II focuses the emitted LED light using special, patented mirror technology, which allows perfect shaping of the light and outstanding homogeneity of the light distribution in the focus range. Thanks to the use of a mirror to focus the light, there are no chromatic aberrations. The CORONA II creates a perfect spectral homogeneity in illumination focus without color deviations. Special emphasis was put on an optimized and modular cooling concept. Thus, different heat sinks and even active cooling systems are modularly selectable. The LED controller includes USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, PWM (pulse width modulation) interfaces.

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