PS007, PS010, PS030

model number: PS007, PS010, PS030

Linear Polarizing Film.
Polarizing material can be cut, drilled and formed to fit most any type of lighting equipment. By placing a piece in front of a light source, then one that's able to rotate (PR032) in front of the lens, the greatest flexibility and control over the light coming into the camera is achieved.
• Size uncut:
– 25" x 36" x .007" (630 x 900 x .178mm) available in sheet form or cut and shaped to fit your specific needs
– 17" x 39" x .010" and .030" (430 x 1000 x .254 and .762mm)
• Optical type: Transmissive
• Transmittance: single: 38%; parallel: 30.1%; crossed: 0.0045%
• Color: neutral gray
• Polarizing efficiency: 99.98%
• Wavelength: 400~700nm
• Thickness:
.007" (.178mm), .010" (.254mm), .030" (.762mm)
• Direction: linear
• Durability: 140ºF (60ºC) / 90%RH / 750 Hours test passed
• Adhesive: No
• Protective film: both sides
• Application: Elimination or reduction of glare from specular surfaces, and for checking the stress patterns in glass and plastic.

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