FK100 Machine Vision Binder Filter Kit

model number: FK100

Available in any size filter M22.5- M105, the FK100 is an excellent starter kit for evaluating your system and image quality.

This Filter Kit allows you to:

1. Test before investing in hardware
2. Control the variability of ambient light
3. Evaluate glare reduction
4. Solve applications quickly

Kit Includes the 10 most recommended UV, VIS and NIR Machine Vision Filters, Step-up and step-down rings to fit M25.5 and M30.5 lenses, Polarizing film for light source, Technical data and transmission curves for each filter, Educational material in durable binder to help in understanding filter use.
BP324-Size Near UV Bandpass, BP470-Size Blue Bandpass, BP525-Size Light Green Bandpass, BP550-Size NIR/UV Block-Visible Bandpass, BP590-Size Orange Bandpass. BP635-Size Light Red Bandpass, BP660-Size Dark Red Bandpass, BP850-Size NIR Bandpass, LA120-Size Color Balancing (Minus Blue), PR032-Size Linear Polarizer, PS007 Polarizing Film 4.5” x 5”, SU25.5-27* M25.5 Step-Up Adapter, SD30.5-27* M30.5 Step-Down Adapter

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