model number: BP505

Cyan Bandpass Filter.
Recommended for use with cyan LEDs
Our BP505 filter was designed for use with 500-510nm cyan LED lighting. It also has a function in UV fluorescence imaging of some commonly used stains.

The BP505 single substrate, hard-coated filter is designed to match the output of most cyan LEDs, widely considered to currently be the brightest "monochrome" LEDs available. Coupled with the spectral sensitivity of most CCD/CMOS sensors in use today that also peak in this range, this filter will result in images that are especially bright and very high in contrast.

The BP505 filter is particularly designed for use in line-scan/wide angle applications where they are extremely resistant to the effects of "blue shifting." Used together with the right lensing, a line of uniform end-to-end brightness can be imaged at wide angles.

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