ARINC PCI Express One and 4 Lane Interface Cards

model number: PCIE4L-A429 and PCIE1L-A429

The ARINC PCIE1L/PCIE4L-A429 Interface Cards and AltaAPI Support Software Represent the Latest ARINC 32-bit FPGA Protocol Engine Technology. Encode and Decode almost Any ARINC-429 PHY Level Label/Word Signal. The First Card in the Industry to Offer Advanced Test Functions of Signal Generation and A/D Signal Capture. The one lane card (PCIE1L) is the industry first low profile, half height card and is ideal for 1U/2U servers and slot limited PCI Express systems. The 4 lane card (PCIE4L) is normal 1/2 height common for most desktop and larger server systems.

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